Frequently Asked Questions

Your Profit is our Priority

  How does Priority Health Claim Services submit claims?

If applicable all claims are submitted electronically. If an insurance company is not set up to accept claims electronically then we will submit the claims on paper.

  Who takes the calls regarding patient balances?

All calls are answered personally by our staff to ensure full understanding by the patients.

  Where are reimbursements sent?

All payments are sent to the practice or lockbox whichever the practice chooses. We do not handle any money. 

How do we get the necessary information we need to bill with?

This information can be faxed, emailed, courier, mailed, etc. If the practice already has an EMR we can get access to the necessary records via a vpn connection.

  Why outsource medical billing?

Most practices do not have the available resource to follow claims through to the end so they "settle" for what they get. By outsourcing we pay attention to the detail and we make sure you get maximum reimbursement on all claims. We handle all hassles. Outsourcing will allow your paperwork to decrease and productivity to increase. You will have reduced overhead, fewer denials, no billing software to maintain and no interruption of your billing process due to vacancies.

  Can Priority Health Claim Services help with credentialing?

Yes, we will work with your staff to get the necessary paperwork to complete the credentialing applications, and we will work with the insurance companies to make sure the process is completed in a timely manner. 

Will Priority Health Claim Services take care of existing AR?

Yes, depending on the age of the claims we can not guarantee payment but we will work these claims.

  Do we have a relationship with an outside collection agency?

Yes we do. We will try to collect as much in-house before turning over to the collection agency.